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Canon launches #FreeYourStory competition

Canon Europe has launched a photography competition. Called #FreeYourStory, there are two themes to the challenge: The Mirror Selfie and Forced Perspective. The judges are looking for images that go beyond the ordinary captures for these two well-known themes, that deliver exceptional stories through the medium of photography.

The competition closes on 21 September 2020; the winner of each theme will receive an EOS M200 and a Canon Zoemini S, plus a session with a professional photographer. 30 runners-up will also win Canon gear.

For more information and to enter, visit:

Canon press release:

Each day, millions of images and videos are uploaded to social media channels and shared around the world. Within the digitally connected Generation-Z and Millennial groups, people regularly invest their time and creativity updating their social profiles, often more acutely than other age demographics, with 60% owning a digital camera and 45% identifying as ‘snapshot photographers’. Capturing and sharing spontaneous memories enables them to showcase their creative expression through the power of photography with their friends and family.

To celebrate these young photographers who push the boundaries of conventional storytelling, Canon has launched #FreeYourStory, a free-to-enter competition with a chance of winning a selection of Canon equipment, including an EOS M200 and a Canon Zoemini S. In addition, two first prize winners will each receive a unique photography masterclass hosted by a Canon professional. The masterclass will be conducted in person or virtually and will demonstrate how to compose and capture the perfect image, whilst showcasing the technical capabilities of their new camera. Thirty runners-up will also win Canon equipment.

Entries will be judged by independent professionals, including Michael Gray, a popular influencer and filmmaker, also Canon Ambassadors Wanda Martin and Ulla Lohmann. Submissions will be considered based on creativity, impact and power of the image to tell a story, as well as the general understanding of the challenge theme(s):

The Mirror Selfie
– The mirror selfie is one of the oldest and most popular styles of self-portrait in photography, popularised on social media. With the ability to show off everything from latest outfit trends to a happy memory with friends, entrants are encouraged to stand out from the crowd.
Forced Perspective – Distorting reality with optical illusions to create a new world in which subjects can touch the sun, carry their friends in the palm of their hand and lean against the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Entrants can use clever tricks and skills to create a new reality through their lens.

With these two challenge categories, judges will identify images and videos which break away from typical social media clich├ęs and share a distinctive perspective. For those looking for inspiration, Canon’s dedicated #FreeYourStory Web Hub will host an array of engaging content, including tips and tricks, useful articles and recommended products for aspiring photographers of every level, from amateur to enthusiast.

Canon Ambassador and portrait specialist Wanda Martin commented: “I am thrilled to have been selected as one of the judges for Canon’s #FreeYourStory competition. I am most excited to see images which convey a very personal story and can’t wait to see the incredibly talented artists and submissions.”

Canon Ambassador, photojournalist and documentary maker Ulla Lohmann commented “I am looking for images which are a bit crazy, which captivate me and challenge me to think about them. I want to see your ideas. So, go ahead, grab a camera and #FreeYourStory”.

Influencer Michael Gray (@mikevisuals) commented: “I am super excited to be helping judge Canon's #FreeYourStory competition and look forward to seeing all the entries. Personally, I'll be looking out for eye-catching images that capture the brief and show originality. This competition is not about the camera you have, but the quality and creativity of the content you produce. So, pick up your camera or smartphone and start creating!”

Susie Donaldson ITCG Marketing Director at Canon Europe commented: “At Canon, our goal is to inspire people at every stage of their photographic journey, from entry-level through to professional, by encouraging them to develop and perfect their photography and videomaking skills, whilst igniting their passion for visual storytelling. I look forward to seeing an abundance of creativity and originality produced by our competition entrants and to showcase a selection of these images on our #FreeYourStory hub for the world to enjoy”.
Be bold, defy convention and enter the #FreeYourStory competition today for the chance to win fantastic prizes and a unique photography masterclass with a Canon professional.

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