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Firmware update for stop-motion photographers

Canon has made available some specialist firmware for the EOS R. Unlike most firmware, which can be downloaded for free and installed by the user, this update, currently only being promoted in North America, costs $100 and can only be installed by a Canon Service Centre.

Alternatively, you can buy an EOS R with the firmware pre-installed for a $100 premium.

The firmware is only of use to photographers doing stop-motion work and using Dragonframe software. Stop-motion is a technique where a subject is shot a frame at a time with very small movements applied between exposures to give the impression of motion when the frames are played back. Wallace and Gromit is a well-known series of films created by stop-motion methods.

The firmware provides a Live View resolution of 1920 x 1280, compared to the normal 960 x 640. It also allows Manual Focus Peaking via a USB connection.

The downside is that HDMI output is disabled. If you do not use Dragonframe, this firmware upgrade is not for you.