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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Canon tops Flickr analysis of brand ownership

Flickr, the popular photo/video hosting/sharing website, has published its latest annual report, based on user data. Accurate figures are difficult to confirm, but in very round figures around 100 million users have uploaded around 10 billion photos and videos.

This has given Flickr a mass of data about the cameras we use.

In terms of camera ownership by brand, Canon topped the tables in 2013 (13%) and 2014 (13.4%). Nikon came second in 2013 (8.8%), followed by Apple (7.7%). In 2014, Apple came second (9.6%) with Nikon beaten into third place (9.3%) despite a higher percentage than the previous year.

The top five digital single-lens reflex cameras owned by Flickr users are:
Canon EOS 600D (3.2%), Canon EOS 7D (2.4%), Nikon D7000 (2.3%), Canon EOS 60D (2.3%), Canon 5D Mark III (2.2%).

You can dig deeper into the figures at Camera ownership on Flickr: 2013-2014. Keep in mind that the data relates to Flickr users only and might not be representative of photographers in general.

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