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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Japan earthquake

Canon Inc. has issued a damage report for its operations following the major earthquake. The greatest impact is on three Canon Inc. operation sites and five Canon Group companies in northern Honshu - the area hardest hit by the earthquake.

Damage was significant at the Utsunomiya Office and Fukushima Canon Inc. 15 people were injured at the Utsunomiya Office. Operations at both locations have been suspended and it is likely to be some time before they are resumed. If necessary, Canon will consider making use of alternate sites that have not been damaged to continue production.

While the earthquake had a slight impact on Canon offices, plants and group companies in the western half of Honshu, there have been no injuries and no significant damage to buildings or equipment.

The production of the first EOS camera began at the Fukushima Plant in 1987, but the cameras are currently manufactured in Nagasaki. The Fukushima Plant now produces inkjet printers, print heads and ink tanks. Fukushima is the location of the damaged nuclear reactors that are at the centre of a 20km exclusion zone.

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