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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

EOS 7D Studio Version

Canon USA has launched a studio version of the EOS 7D. It features a Canon Barcode Solution that writes customer information to the image file metadata so that the data can be maintained throughout the entire workflow process – ideal for school photographers, forensic and medical photo workflows.

The EOS 7D Studio Version allows administrators to disable unwanted features and settings. The camera has four different ‘lock’ levels, allowing administrators to set the appropriate level of camera functionality for any studio operation. Password access stops the user changing the camera settings and disrupting the overall project and workflow.

The EOS 7D Studio Version kit includes Canon’s WFT-E5A unit, which along with an optional barcode reader can scan and seamlessly manage image and customer data through a “wired connection”. A wireless system configuration is also possible through Canon’s BU-30 Bluetooth adapter further adding to the system’s convenience and functionality. Existing WFT-E5A units require a firmware update to work with Barcode functionality. This update needs to be done at a Canon service centre. If the customer chooses this option, the ability to read and embed GPS (Global Positioning System) data will no longer be available.

The EOS 7D Studio Version was shown at the Canon Pro Photo Solutions Show (London, 26 and 27 October 2010). However, there are no immediate plans to sell the camera in the UK. Canon UK is waiting to see if there is likely to be a demand for the system.

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