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Thursday, 26 August 2010

EOS 60D plus six new lenses

Canon has announced a range of new EOS products for autumn 2010.

The latest EOS camera is the 60D, which replaces the 50D. The new camera is the first EOS with a vari-angle LCD monitor. You can fold the screen out and adjust it for viewing from above and below, to the side and at the back of the camera. This is especially useful with Live View shooting, but makes it easier to see menus and images in any shooting mode with the camera in almost any position.

The EOS 60D features a host of new functions. The powerful DIGIC 4 processor supports in-camera RAW image processing, allowing photographers to edit settings such as brightness, contrast, white balance or correct distortion or chromatic aberration. The edited image can then be re-saved as a JPEG, ready to be printed or uploaded to a PC or the web.

For photographers who want to add post-production effects to their images without the need for expensive software, the EOS 60D also features a range of new creative filters that can be applied in-camera. Filters including Grainy B/W, Soft Focus, Toy Camera Effect and Miniature Effect provide images with a different feel, allowing photographers to create a themed collection - using Grainy B/W to give images a reportage style, for example – or easily smooth skin tone in portraits with Soft Focus.

The EOS 60D captures 1920x1080p HD video with a variety of user-selectable frame rates,as well as 720p video. Movie Crop mode is also available, recording with the central 640x480 pixel area of the sensor to create an effective magnification of approximately seven times the focal length of the lens.

Full manual control in Movie mode allows photographers to employ their own exposure and focus settings and take advantage of the effects achieved from Canon’s wide range of EF lenses.

The EOS 60D (body only) has an RRP inc. VAT of £1099.99 / €1309.99
A range of camera + lens kits are available.

New lenses are:
     (RRP inc. VAT £1599.99 / €1909.99; available October 2010)
     (RRP inc. VAT £1499.99 / €1789.99; available January 2011)
     (RRP inc. VAT £7499.99 / €8929.99; available December 2010)
     (RRP inc. VAT £11499.99 / €13689.99; available December 2010)
EF 500mm F/4L IS II USM
     (price and availability not yet announced)
EF 600mm F/4L IS II USM
     (price and availability not yet announced)

Canon has also redesigned its two Extenders (teleconverters). The Extender EF 1.4x III and Extender EF 2x III complement the latest range of L-series lenses, matching their appearance and offering a visible differentiation from previous models. A carefully positioned lens release mechanism also makes it easy to mount the extenders quickly, reducing the time that the camera and lens are exposed to the environment. The extenders offer the exceptional build-quality and are resistant to both dust and water, allowing photographers to use them in extreme shooting conditions.
     (RRP inc. VAT  £549.99 / €659.99; available December 2010)
     (RRP inc. VAT £549.99 / €659.99; available December 2010)

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