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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Firmware update 2.0.7 for EOS 5D Mark II

Firmware update version 2.0.7 for the EOS 5D Mark II incorporates the following improvements and fixes.

1. Fixes a phenomenon in which the aperture exhibits abnormal movement when shooting movies in manual exposure mode and aperture-priority AE (Av mode) using some Canon lenses (such as macro lenses).

2. Fixes a phenomenon in which the exposure level shown in the LCD panel differs from what is shown in the viewfinder when shooting still images in manual exposure mode.

3. Fixes a phenomenon in which the Wireless File Transmitter (WFT-E4 or WFT-E4 II) may not automatically power off when used for FTP transfers.

These phenomenon only occur with the Version 2.0.4 and Version 2.0.3 firmware.

The firmware upgrade can be installed by the user. Full instructions and downloads are available at the
>>Canon Download Centre

Here to help 01869 331741